Prachi Parikh

 Prachi created this cool website. She also did a little research on the game and contributed some interesting ideas for the game. She was an important aspect of the team and with her keen sense of observation maintained the blog and provided useful criticism and ideas.

Joe Cristantiello

Joe was a very important part of the team. Along with his helpful criticism he provided the team with helpful ideas to overcome certain challenges. He was a hardworking member of the team and contributed creative ideas.

Jourdan Barnett

Jourdan was the mastermind of this game. It was his brilliant idea and with the help of his awesome team, we created this amazing and fun game. With his computer skills he brought the game to life by creating a very graphical game board and cards.

Ricky  Walter

Ricky, even though slightly disorganized, maintained a very accurate record of everything going on and all the changes. He wrote up the rules and game play. Along with the rules he contributed a few interesting ideas that enhanced the game even more.