Reach the finish by moving through the board and completing the venues


Ages: 8 & up
Players: 2-4

Game Play

•   Compete with rival rockstars on the path to rock to stardom. This "Road to Rock" won't be an easy journey, however. It willl be filled with just as many lucky breaks as pitfalls. You'll have to rock the venues, endure the events, and face-off with your opponents.    

Types of Spaces

There are four types of spaces. Each is associated with a different color and has different effects depending on which type of space you land on.

Whammy Space
These are the red spaces on the board. Landing on the Whammy Space allows you to pick up Whammy Cards. These cards are used to either attack your rival rockstars or to counter their attack.
When you land on this space:
 Pick up one card from the Whammy Card deck and add it to your hand.
You cannot play the card immediately: You must wait until at least your next turn to use it.

Event Space
These are the green spaces on the board. Landing on the Event Space allows you to pick up Event Cards. These cards are the story of your rock career and act as the stepping stones to your stardom.
When you land on this space:
Pick up one card from the Event Card deck and follow its instructions immediately.
Stand tall and proud, read your event card out loud.

Venue Space
These are the spaces on the board that look like buildings. These are the obstacles you must overcome on your road to stardom. Each Venue space is labeled with a number. To pass the venue and move forward, you must roll that number of higher.
When you land on this space:
When you reach a venue space, you must stop there.
On your next turn, roll the die to try to match or exceed the number labeled on the venue. If your roll is greater or equal to the Venue space requirement, you may move forward. If your roll is lower than the venue space requirement, you must wait until your next turn to roll.
If you're stuck at a venue for 3 turns, you may automatically move forward on your 4th turn.

Rest Space
These are the yellow spaces on the board. Landing on the Rest Space is a freebie but a bore: Nothing happens.

Face-Off and Comeback Cards

These are the two types of Whammy Cards. Face-Off Cards are sued to attack your rivals, while Comeback Cards are used to counter them.
Face-Off- Attack Cards
You can only play one Face-Off Card per turn and you must discard it by placing it back into the Whammy Card deck after you use it.
Face-Off cards must be played at the start of your turn by rolling a 3 or above. If you succeed the roll you may use the card and roll again to move. If you fail the roll you may keep the card, but you must skip your turn.

Comeback Cards
You can play a Comeback Card when a Face-Off Card is used against you to counter it.
If a Face-Off Card is countered, it must be discarded and the attacking player must end their turn without moving.


If Face-Off or Comeback card moves you behind a venue space that has already been passed, treat the venue as a rest space.Comeback cards cannot be used to counter attack cards that affect more than one player


Have fun while rocking out to classic rock tunes on your Road to Rock!