Almost done 04/22/2009

We decided to rename the face off cards to Whammy Cards. We're pretty much done with all layout and all we have left to do is print everything out. We're going to Kinko's to print everything out and put the entire board game together. Our website is close to done.

Still at it! 04/15/2009

We finally have a playable prototype! Our prototype board was completed and we decided to make a few changes like add more spaces and make it more graphically appealing; some of the changes are adding names on the venues, adding pictures on the spaces, etc. We are working on changing the game cards and the rules.

The first time! 04/08/2009

We actually played our game in completion today for the first time. It took us around an hour to play. We decided that we need more spaces in the game. We also changed a few things like made it easier to get out of a venue and lowered the requirements to use an attack card. As if right now, the  players have very limited interaction and the players are just competing against the board game, not each other. There wasn't much interaction between players and that was our main focus of the game. To increase the interaction between players and create an environment where the players actually battle each other and compete against each other we decided to roll a 3 or higher to use an attack card. This is also the reason why we lowered the restrictions to getting out of a venue. The venue spaces have much more focus than the attack cards and this takes away from the the entire competing element of the game. To increase competition amongst players we made these few changes. We renamed the attack cards to Face Off.


We researched a few sites to see if there were any games like ours actually made; and we were pleased to find that our game is the first of its kind. The only music based games are video games like Rockband and Guitar Hero. But these games are not even close to our game.
We are still in the process of finding interesting game pieces and spicing up our game board. We started working on our rules. The few sites that we checked out for interesting game pieces were:


We came up with a playable prototype and established that we need more attack spaces on the board. We also changed the design by adding venues on the board. In order to get a more music related theme we added different venues of different difficulties; the players must land on each venue and roll the number on it to advance. The players cannot skip a venue. The board depicts a clear progression in the career. For example you start of playing at a café and move to playing to a gym, etc.
We also tried incorporating the idea of money and fans in the game, but we just reached dead ends. We tried to use money to buy attack cards, but they weren’t tangible and thus they failed. We also tried getting the most fans to win but that idea also didn’t go anywhere. We’re still trying to rename the attack cards to something more related to music and reality. We’re still thinking on ways to add strategy to this game so that it’s not just a simple mindless race game.